A new approach to business consulting –
using cutting-edge tools and techniques


Application of the latest tools and methods in our extensive business research approach


In-depth analysis of the internal and external business environment using predictive modelling


Unique pathway to problem-solving using tailored solutions and customer workshops

Only 4 steps to your success –
the effective Capabi process

1.) We talk about your business

At Capabi, we believe that you understand best what your business is all about and what problems you are facing.

That is the reason why we always talk to you, our client, first in order to understand your uniqueness and market approach so we can preserve the core of your business.

2.) We analyse your environment

Any fundamental business analysis must include extensive understanding of your business environment, being it internal or external.

But we don’t just apply standard tools, Capabi is at the forefront of academic research and uses some of the most cutting-edge analysis approaches to allow a deeper and more thorough market understanding.

3.) You get a list of improvements

There is never one perfect solution to every problem, that is why we come up with an extensive list of approaches to improve your current situation.

What makes us different through is that we work together with you to find the right approach from that list, e.g. by conducting a strategy-finding workshop.

4.) We let the journey begin

Once you are happy with the approach selected, we help you implement any changes necessary.

We know change is frightening, so we apply our experience to find the right path of change for your business.

Why is Capabi different
from other consultancies?

The Capabi Approach

  • Capabi Consulting is based on the research of leading academics.
  • Some of the brightest minds in business education are part of Capabi.
  • We constantly research new approaches and methods to improve our results.
  • Only the best and brightest students go on to work for Capabi Consulting.
  • Our dedicated selection of consultants all feature an MBA from some of the world’s leading business schools.
  • We never stop learning – every new case allows as to widen our knowledge.

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Transformation of traditional companies
  • Analysis and improvement of general strategies
  • Digital strategy re-alignment and optimisation
  • Operational process mapping and optimisation
  • In-depth market analysis incl. advanced scenario analysis
  • Multi-criteria analysis and decision-making
  • General business evaluation and optimisation



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